Mary  E. Martin - Author of The Osgoode TrilogyMary E. Martin is the author of The Osgoode Trilogy, legal thrillers filled with suspense, murder and fraud, and characters with psychological depths you won't forget.

Martin grew up in Toronto, Canada. From the University of Toronto, she received an Honours Degree in History Although she always had a passion to write, she earned her law degree from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. When she began practice in 1973, she started in a small firm in downtown Toronto, which was very much like the creaky old law firm we find Harry Jenkins in. After her partner [much like Harry] passed away, she continued to practice law with emphasis on wills, estates and real estate until 1999. If you have ever thought such areas of law are dull and boring, just read her novel. After 1999, she became a full time writer and photographer with six shows to her credit. Her years of practising law have inspired Conduct in Question and the other two novels in the trilogy.

Also, she has represented many elderly clients in all aspects of their legal, financial and personal lives. As a life long resident of Toronto and practitioner of law, she writes from the perspective of a true insider who conveys a compelling sense of the city and its legal milieu. You will enjoy the rich tapestry of characters presented and follow their struggles to find answers to questions such as how much money is enough? How do you live the life you want and need to live? Married in 1973, she and her husband live in Toronto and have three adult children.