All Possible Details Related To The Homescapes Boosters

All Possible Details Related To The Homescapes Boosters

Playrix developers game – Homescapes is featured with lots of beneficial things. The boosters are one of them. The use of boosters is helpful in providing an easy way to the players for completing match-3 levels. With it, the boosters are more important as compared to the power-ups. The players cannot generate the boosters by performing any kind of activity. There are some specific ways available those can help you in getting boosters. The below-mentioned details are completely related to these boosters.

Types of boosters

In the match-3 levels, the players can see different types of boosters. All types of boosters are not unlocked from the first day or level. The players are able to use these specific ones with the progress. The game is including five types of boosters those are explained with below.

Rainbow ball – the players cannot place the rainbow ball anywhere on board. The use of rainbow ball can help you in eliminating lots of tiles in a single move. It appears randomly.

Double planes – the use of this particular booster helps you in converting available paper planes into double planes. It means, when you activate or use one place then it will become two and cause more destruction.

Bomb and rocket – with the help of bomb and rocket booster, the players are able to get these two power-ups after a specific interval. These are provided by the game randomly by which you cannot make a decision regarding their placements.

These three are the common or basic boosters. Most of the players are taking help from these three. Other two boosters are hammer and sledgehammer.

How to get boosters?

The most important thing about the boosters is that activating the boosters never consumes a single move. For getting the boosters the players are required to follow different ways.

Spend coins – players are able to get boosters by spending a number of coins by using Homescapes Cheats 2018. The players should consider this particular way if they have an excess amount of coins. By it, they can spend coins for useful things.

Daily bonus – in the game, the players can receive a reward as a daily bonus. In the daily bonus, they can get different types of items or in-game funds. It is also a good source for getting the boosters. By it, the players are not required to spend currency for buying them and use them freely.