Best Welder for a Beginner: An Overview

Best Welder for a Beginner: An Overview

If you have decided to become a helvi welder and do not know where to start then you are the right place. In this blog, you will find proper information for you which will match your needs. You will get to know about various types of welding and which equipment best suits you for a good start.


Welders: How they function?

Welding is a process of joining materials by using fusion. Basically, two base materials are joined using the process of welding, where another filler material is molten by the fusion created by your welder and is filled exactly to the joint of the two base materials. Later the molten material is cooler and harder to form a stronger joint than the base material.



There are various methods for joining materials together, but welding processes have also been advanced and are in use with zero or fewer errors. Some of the best-known welding processes are.

●        Oxy-Fuel Welding – This process uses some inflammable gases and oxygen for welding, this process cuts material too.

●        Shielded Metal arc welding – this process is also known as electric welding. An electrode which is covered by a flux is used in this process. The electrode slowly melts upon the base material and the flux covered protects the electrode from atmospheric contamination.

●        TIG – Tungsten and inert gas welding are also known as one of the best welding processes. It is generally used for thinner materials and it remains its base material clean and less burnt so that the base material does not need external cleaning after the welding process.

●        MIG – metal inert gas welding, it is also known as gas metal arc welding. It is also similar to TIG welding. It uses a gun with a puddle stick for welding. A little amount of argon and carbon dioxide is passed through the puddle.

●        ESW -Electro slag Welding is a unique process of welding. It is used to weld thicker materials.

Some other well-known methods are FCAW Flux-core arc welding, SAW – Submerged arc welding, ERW – Electric resistant welding etc. This is a bit similar but both have unique qualities too. These processes are actually used specifically for different materials.


There are lots of welding machine available on the market. But if you are beginners then it will be hard for you to choose the best one for you. Below is the list of some good builders for a kick start.

●        For MIG OR Flux core welding Miller 120 / 240-volt welder is the best welder for the beginner. Miller is a good brand to trust and also its products are impressive.

●        Hobart 5500559 is also a name of the trend. If you are thinking of buying a welding machine at the cheapest price. This is the cheapest & the best welder of a beginner. Then there is no other option than Hobart. Not only the cheap one. This welder is also famous for its works. It can weld using home electricity power and can be used for household purposes.

●        Linkon electric 140c MIG welder is also used for MIG based welding machine. This welder will be easy to learn and you will know how to operate very fast.