Star Girl Game – live your dream and luxurious life


The game is mainly launched for the girls’ player. The game is quite interesting and free to download and play. Here player of the game can live the lives of their dream and can be a person with most gorgeous and stunning look.

Girls of the adolescence, have desire to look most beautiful and want to influence everyone with their charming look. For new and old both types of player Star Girl Hack is available to open up all kinds of accessories and things to be most charming celebrity of the life.

Shop in the wonderland

The girl players of the game can shop any useful thing and items which gives them stunning look from the shop of wonderland as the shop of the game has various makeup, clothes and so on.

Choose a career

Player of the Star Girl can choose the job of their dream as well such as they can be a singer, or can make their career as a beauty model or they may go for actress job. In this way they can live and enjoy all the luxurious facilities of the celebrities.

Meeting and go on dating

At the age of adolescence most of the girls like to meet their famous person or the person whom they love most. The same thing is available here in the game they may meet with them and go on romantic dates as they fall in love with the person of their choice.

Dresses and other accessories

The girl players of this game can go for shopping of all the items of beauty which enhance their look and make them more gorgeous. These things can be bags and purses, tops and skirts, shoes, cute and sexy dresses of different types, other accessories and many more. They can have them with the help of Star Girl Hack and by participating in contests of beauty and daily quests.