Sweatcoin – no need to worry about battery when earning money

Sweatcoin – no need to worry about battery when earning money

Sweatcoin app is free to download and earn money. It provides digital money to the user of it. The Sweatcoin app offers Sweatcoin as cryptocurrency which can be used by the user for various purposes. After installing this app user’s steps are tracked by this app when going out for jogging and walking. After counting steps of the walker it rewards him or her with some points and coins. User may convert it into digital money and fulfill desire.

User of Sweatcoin can earn money and spend it as per his will and buy anything which he likes to buy. User may earn more such currency by Sweatcoin Hack as well.

Levels of app and battery saver function

After installing Sweatcoin app user has to go for walk or stroll with his pet and for each 1000 steps he is able to store Sweatcoin. There are Free Levels and Shaker membership Levels of this app. In Free level user of it gets 5 Sweatcoins in the beginning and on daily basis he gets 5 Sweatcoin but 5% of it user has to give as conversion commission. Let’s see the Shaker Level Membership it needs to be spent free and fresh points to have. Now, let’s have a look of battery saving mode. This app works in background it saves battery as well and continues its work whether the battery is 5%.

Importance of social media

User may also take help of social media sites for earning digital money. How? User can share experience of this app on social media. User may create Youtube channel and involve people to comment and likes. In this way user can aware masses about Sweatcoin app. For more earning this type of cryptocurrency user of this app can use Sweatcoin Hack and use the earned money for buying things. These are also rewards by this app. So, don’t spend time to keep fit and earnmoney.