Things to know about Episode Choose Your Story


Are you interested in making own stories? If big yes then today we will come with the popular game Episode Choose Your Story. In it, you can make own stories and share with other people. In the whole world, it is the best simulation game. You can make own avatar with lots of unique things. Various kinds of incredible stories are available in it like love, actions and much more. It is the world largest stories collection game. You can develop the relationships with lots of character.

Incredible things-

In it, lots of awesome things are available which make the game accessible. If you want to know about those things then here all in information is available.

  1. Make own avatar-

The avatar is the critical thing in the Episode Choose Your Story. In it, you can make own avatar and give it a unique look. Lots of outfits and designs are available in it. With the help of currencies, you can buy it and give the best look.

  1. Own stories-

If you are interested in making own stories then in it story mode is available. With the help of this mode, you can upload own stories and share with other people. If humans like your story then you will get free rewards and coins with Episode Cheats. It is also the best opportunity for a fashion lover.

  1. Make relationship-

In it, lots of characters are available if you like a character then you are able to make a connection with them. It means you are able to chat with lots of characters and make new relations with players.

  1. Graphics-

The Episode Choose Your Story launched with higher graphics. If you want to experience the HD world of fashions and feel the realistic stories the graphics play an important role. With the help of the graphics virtual story world, it looks like the real world.

  1. Thousands of stories-

In Episode Choose Your Story thousands of stories are available. All the stories are enjoyable and exciting. Unique types of categories stories are available like romance, heartbreak, mystery and much more.

  1. Live stories-

The live stories options are available. With the help of this option, you’re able to read lots of interesting stories. All stories are divided into the small episodes.

  1. Become a writer-

With the help of application, you should share your own heat words and share with all people.