Walking Dead Our World- How To Earn Money And Combat Tips?

Walking dead our world is a real world location action game for Android and IOS users. You have to complete various tasks and challenges with the help of locations in the game. It is developed by the next games studio, and it is free to download. The game also gives you in-app purchase option to use the real money for needy moments. You have to survive for a long time by killing the zombies in the game.  You can use a lot of weapons and powers to improve your performance. Money is also an essential part of the game, and you need it whenever you want to upgrade your weapons.

You can see many of interesting missions in the game.  The game has very impressive, and it is an idle game for those who want to play the game with real life graphics. Take help from the tutorials if you’re going to improve your performance and skills.

Tips to improve the combat               

If you want to play the game perfectly and want to improve the fighting ability, then you have to work for increasing the level of your character. The game gives you some cards to earn the prizes with your luck.  You should utilize all that powers in your needy time to beat the zombies. You can use the daily free cards which are given by the game, but if you want to buy more cards than you can use the coins to get the rarer cards to upgrade your weapons. Your earning of coins can help you to gain more energy so by using with  Walking Dead Our World Hack 2018 to play quickly.

You should collect a duffel bag and go bag to activate you rarer cards while playing. Use your energy as possible as you can, because it helps you to play a lot of matches continuously and increase your interest level.

More information      

You should join the group in the starting points to contribute the burden of the challenge with each member. Take help from the other survivors to make the mission easy for you.  Use your map to get the locations of weapons and zombies; the map will alert you when zombies are standing near to you.  You should ready for all the action by taking weapons in your hand. This information gives you more confidence to face your enemies without any fear.